Five Tech Helpers For Your Resolutions

Keeping resolutions can be heard enough on your own, but why not let technology help you along the way? Here are some tech to help you with your goals;

Google Keep keep track of your task lists and ideas on a page you can easily gain access too. This also includes an Android and iPhone app that syncs with your account.

Printable Planner This Pinterest board includes many planner related links, including stickers, and organizers you can print for free. You can get a paper planner, or use smart phones apps as well.

Diet/fitness trackers This service is free and includes both web-based and smart phone apps to keep track of diet and exercise. I prefer since it works great with so many tracking tech and smart phone apps that can track your exercise. Choose a fitness tracker you wear, or use your smart phone’s GPS.

Quitting smoking? Great. Use Since iQuit iPhone app to show how much time and money you save each day. You can use these trackers via a web site that does the same.

Cultivating productivity this year? Use the Pomodoro Technique. Use any number of smart phone apps as your timer, online timers, or get a real kitchen timer, and see if this technique helps improve your productivity.

What technology do you use to help with your goals? Post in comments.

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