A quick email scam alert: FedEx

I wanted to share with you a scam I received in my email. I catch them pretty quick with a little trick I learned.

If you take note of this email, you can see they generously provided a button in which I can print out a shipping label.


Take note of the email address. It says its from FedEx, but the email itself is ‘perthholdings.com’. This is the first clue.

When I hover my mouse cursor over the ‘get shipment label’ link, my ‘status bar’ (located at the bottom left of my Chrome window) shows the link doesn’t take me to FedEx at all but somewhere called arncliffedentalcare.com in Austrailia. This doesn’t mean a scam artist is even at this place of business, but that its hacked into their account.

Fortunately, my gmail caught this and sent it to my SPAM folder.

Want to activate your ‘status bar’? Click here. The page gives instructions on how to turn it on in various browsers.

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